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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


nikitaNikita is a particular American TV drama that belongs to the genre of espionage, action and drama. It is highly popular with the American viewers and the credit of creating such a magnanimous show goes to none other than Craig Silverstein. After watching an episode of this show it is not difficult to discern why this particular show is so endearingly liked by the viewers. It you
would like to take close look at the background of this amazing TV show then you will figure out that the American TV drama is on the whole based on a French of the same name. The film had been released in 1990. It is also surprising to know that the show has been directly inspired by Point of No Return which is released in 1993. it is basically focused on Nikita who ran away from Division, a secret Govt. organization and faces weird situations.
It is indeed an electrifying show that draws attention to the fact that in all these seasons the viewer ship pertaining to the show has increased with an exponential growth. Because of the power packed performances of th actors and by means of a highly captivating story line the show has been warmly received by the viewers in both the two seasons.
The storyline pertaining to the TV series is a top draw and it rightfully captivates the regular viewer ship in the intriguing moments which are shown in the TV series. The powerful narrative does not make them feel that they are watching a figment of fiction. It is almost like a real life drama which is put on celluloid.

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